Six More Weeks To Grieve

A year later and the passing of artists like David Bowie, Scott Weiland and countless others still weighs too heavily on our hearts.

It may be even worse for us in this day and age because the world is steadily growing darker and sadder. When Carrie and Debbie Fisher, then John Hurt, among others, passed away I couldn’t help but think, “Hey guys, come on, take us with you!”

I also know of people who lost real people in their lives. I don’t mean to diminish or take away from their own grieving process but the pain, I imagine, is much the same. There’s still that missing piece of your life that time won’t really heal.

All we can do is remember them and try to make the world that they would have wanted to live in. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Yesterday is a fantasy. Today is the present.


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