Plot Twist : Who Said You’d be Drinking it?

Someone tweeted this today. These boys came up with an algorithm that helps you to determine the wine you’d most likely enjoy. However, the author worded their tweet in a way that would have the cast and characters of Archer shouting, “Phrasing!”


As a writer, my mind takes things places. As a cashier at a grocery store, my mind still took me places but at least as a writer, I have a more legitimate excuse. No one wants their cashier or cart jockey to suddenly ask them, “Yes but who said you’d be the one drinking the wine?”

One Tweeter replied with, “I thought that was implied.”

To which I responded, “What if your followers are cannibals?”

Suddenly the context changes and you, too, are wondering just what wine you would go well with… should you having dinner with a friend.

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