I’m Skeptical About this Seed

Here’s another thought experiment. Lets say you never saw a tree in your life, never even been to the woods. No pictures, nothing. And for the first time in your life, the first time ever, with all of your knowledge and experience, you find an acorn seed.

You might not think anything of it. You might see the funny little hat and it’s strange shape and think, “I don’t know. It’s not very impressive.”

It doesn’t occur to you at the moment that this seed has millions of years worth of genetic information, that given the right conditions, the right amount of sunlight, nourishment, and time, will turn this tiny little seed into a massive oak tree. This seed that doesn’t impress you much, because you have no other frame of reference to go on, is going to become something that lives for centuries and will provide food and shelter for other living things.

That tree might even go on to make furniture for kings, queens, presidents, students. This tree could be used to warm households, save lives, or even just exist to be looked at and admired.

Ideas are the same. When you tell someone your idea for a story, they tend to go with their gut reaction. They may think it’s a good idea, or a bad idea and whether you have any confidence in that idea or not is going to determine whether or not you explore that idea’s potential.

It’s why I don’t often share my ideas. It ties in perfectly with my previous post about “asking for permission“.

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