Coffee Jello

I’ve begun my experiments in the creation of coffee jello. I first learned of this miracle of modern science through the writings of Penn Jillette. I then went online and located the least labor intensive recipe and I also now owe a debt of thanks to a certain Rhode Island native whom I will be tagging shortly.

The other day, I bought the Knox gelatin and I made the first attempt at coffee jello, which went surprisingly well. Amazing what you can do when you follow instructions.

This weekend I will be undertaking a reasonably sized video project in which this coffee based food of the gods will be involved. Keep watching for more details.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Jello

  1. It sounds divine. Do u add cream? How about coffee popsicles? I once attempted tea popsicles–teasicles. How about sweet tea jello?
    Best of luck!


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