Coffee Jello: Day 2

My first attempt wasn’t a total failure but the consistency wasn’t very strong after I moved it from the glass bowl to a plastic container. So either I didn’t leave it in for long enough, or there was too much space for the liquid to spread in. Also, I don’t know if the gelatin dissolved all the way.

Everything is trial and error but one thing is certain: Presentation is everything.

I’d like to get it cubed, if possible, because I imagine that the person in whose honor I have decided to make this would have cubed it. I don’t know and I’m afraid it would cross a certain line to ask if this was the case but in all things, cubed is usually a safe bet. If I can’t do it cubed then I’ll just cover up the result with a mega ton of whipped cream because it’s also the thought that counts.

That and I’d love for this to be my “thing” when I go to parties.

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