Thank You, Penn Jillette

I first learned about this wonderful treat from reading God, No by Penn Jillette.

God, No is a collection of anecdotes following the theme of the chapter, which is titled after one of the Ten Commandments with an accompanying Atheist Suggestion that improves upon the former. This was probably one of the most well thought out and reasonable explanations for one man’s conversion to atheism that I have ever read.

For the record, I have no plans to discuss my own spirituality here. But to people who are put off by the idea of atheism or people writing about it, the coffee jello is meant to give you a reason to read it beyond your misconceptions.

As someone who has always walked the line as to where I am on the subject of spirituality, it’s a refreshing change of pace to listen to the ideas and belief systems of another. And yes, even not believing in something is a belief system.

Even if you’re a hardcore Christian, Catholic, or person of Jewish or Muslim faith, reading this book won’t necessarily convert you. You may wind up learning more about a man who has been one half of a major cultural phenomenon in the United States, or maybe you’ll see something that reinforces your belief system.

Penn doesn’t try to change your mind or insist that by not doing so, you’re less of a person. And hey, whether or not my own sense of spirituality has been changed or converted, the one definite plus I have gained from reading this book is a treat that I will spend quite a bit of time trying to perfect:



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