Second Place Idol Contestants and First Place Magicians

Everyday is an Atheist Holiday starts off as a deconstruction of popular misconceptions over certain holiday songs and traditions. In the Jillette Household, there is no special holiday for treating your family and loved ones with love and respect and showing them such with gifts and gestures: Because they do that everyday.

I got the audio CD  because quite frankly, Penn’s voice is like butter on toast. I could be tied up in a basement with Penn Jillette telling me in the most graphic detail about all of the Hostel-esque things he is going to do to me and my only response would be, “Can you read the phone book to me?”

Whether you listen to the audio, or read the text-only version of the book, Everyday is an Atheist Holiday is just as entertaining and informative. The story that remains fresh in my mind is Penn’s recounting of his time on the Celebrity Apprentice with the man who would go on to become the star of a very different kind of reality; but enough about that.

Penn is a performer. His chosen profession is based largely on word of mouth and his ability to remain in the spotlight. So naturally, he does things that he wouldn’t ordinarily do if he had a choice. The least of these things is getting a heart-to-heart lecture from Second Place American Idol contestant, Clay Aiken.

People who knew me in the early 00’s know that I once had the biggest obsession with Clay Aiken. That obsession has faded and now that I’ve had time to analyze the lyrics for Invisible, I don’t even know if I’d consider myself a fan. I certainly lost all sense of respect for him when he decided to give Penn, a self-made man, a lecture about how he should behave towards the other members of his Celebrity Apprentice Team. I had been on the receiving ends of similar “Come to Jesus” chats my whole life and while none of them would make for great reading, I felt Penn’s pain as he regales the reader with every detail of that fateful afternoon. Hearing his voice as he read the book only made it more special and it made me just as glad that he didn’t decide to jump. (Read the book, all will be explained)

9 thoughts on “Second Place Idol Contestants and First Place Magicians

  1. You need to catch up. Penn and Clay have become very good friends and that conversation was just glorified and exaggerated for entertainment purposes. You can like Clay Aiken because Penn does too. Check out Penn’s Sunday School episode on April 3 2016. By the way the song is Invisible not Invincible.


    1. Yeah, but when I said “First Place Magician” I wasn’t referring to his placing on the Apprentice. The day I watch The Celebrity Apprentice is the day after I’ve suffered a massive stroke and have no control over what my nurse puts in the DVD player.


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