In Like Lion

Let me take a moment to explain the title. Yesterday was the event that really kicks off the Salem Film Festival; the sketches. But the first week of the festival begins on March 2nd. We all know the classic phrase: “March goes in like a lion, out like a lamb.” And coincidentally one of the movies being shown at The Cinema Salem is The Lion, featuring Dev Patel.

The sketches were not shown in the same theater. But, there you go. That’s why I went with this title.

Just like before, the sketches are little windows into the parts of Salem that most of us take for granted and the outside world doesn’t even know about. Sketches about the Black Picnic, about the Community Impact Unit that takes care of homeless addicts and discusses importance of Narcan, even Steve’s Market finally got a sketch and I’ve been going there for about six years. It’s amazing how little I know and how much I learned from these three to five minute sketches.

What I hope most visitors to Salem take away from these sketches is that Salem isn’t just a tourist city. We’re not just a place that’s known for a tragic event in history. If all of the “witch shops” and the “psychics” and the kitschy and over-the-top stores that capitalize on the success of others were to disappear tomorrow, Salem would still have stories to tell.

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