Virtual Vitality

Today was my turn to help people experience the presentation I got to experience on this day.  I have some thoughts to share about my shift at the Cinema Salem but more people want to hear about the VR, naturally.

Once again, you can find more information about the documentary called After Solitary, here.

It helped that I had a solid volunteer partner in this venture as I don’t think I could have done it alone. The goggles and headset are attached to a computer that is worth more per penny than an organ transplant. But there’s also the risk of bumping into something, or stepping outside the range of the “base stands”

That means one of us needs to hold on to the Frontline’s lifeline so that each participant has the chance to really look around inside of the cell. Some will remain stationary and watch the presentation but like me, there were quite a few who get absorbed in the detail in all 360 degrees of photography. For the explorers, you really have to have your focus on those people and to have someone standing outside of the range, with the clip board, answering questions and signing other participants up.

This is the first time the Salem Film Festival has hosted an interactive feature like this, so making sure that it goes spectacularly can’t be understated. So to all of the fellow volunteers who helped me out with this, I give my thanks and I certainly hope I made the experience as fun for you as you made it for me.

There were a couple of experiences I had during today’s shift that more or less belong in my other blog. But I’ve decided I can write about those things here without going on the attack. Still, I will hold off until after the festival is over to detail these particular “events”.

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