My Good Friend, Phryne Fisher

Because I don’t yet know Kerry Greenwood, I hope she won’t be too wierded out that I consider the main character of the Phryne Fisher mysteries to be my good friend in literature. Look, I finally came to the realization that my characters are living, breathing things, and I’ll gladly say so to the face of any psychologist be they of the criminal investigation varieties, or likewise.

In honor of National Women’s Day, I want to send a nod off towards the Australian continent and thank Kerry Greenwood for introducing me to some of the coolest women in literary history. Phryne Fisher is like the James Bond of the 20’s and the bookshelves would be a very bare place without this particular woman. (And I’ll never forgive the TV series for not including Jane and Ruth. Nope, never)

Also, Kerry Greenwood imparted a bit of writing advice through the actions of Phryne Fisher. In Death at Victoria Dock, Phryne is trying to kill some time by reading a mystery novel. She throws the book across the room when she solves the crime in chapter three, mentally striking the author from her list of books to order.

Any writer worth a grain of salt will take that advice to heart and so to shall I.

Thank you, Kerry Greenwood and Phryne Fisher.

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