Castle Season 3 Poker Game #AllTwoOfYou

I’m rarely surprised, or disappointed. But when I checked the Tearjerkers section of the TV Tropes page for Castle, I was amazed that this scene wasn’t included on that page.

Richard Castle is the fictional TV novelist who is also the titular character. In seasons one and two, the fictional author has a regular poker game with the not so fictional authors James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and the man that every American child who watched late night television has seen in this bumper.

Stephen J. Cannell passed away sometime between seasons 2 and 3. So in season 3, when the poker game scene pops up it involves Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane, but when a new poker buddy takes a seat, Connelly, Lehane and Castle quickly discourage him.

The scene speaks for itself. What does not speak for itself is TVtropes. Whoever has editing powers had better include this scene and quick, or I’ll write about this in a future novel…

The Poker Scene


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