Song Title Stories ~ A Writing Challenge

Breakfast on Pluto

“What do you think, boys?” she turned her head to see her children, all boys, buried in their social media and video games. Two of them were on the cusp of manhood and one was barely out of diapers. “Excuse me? Am I interrupting?”

Only the youngest had the sense to look up. The other two were in danger of receiving a mild electrical shock. She didn’t care if it was technically child abuse. Those laws only applied on Earth.

The oldest paused his game. The second oldest, prompted by the youngest, met her inquisitive gaze.

“Do you want to stop here for our picnic?”

The boys looked out the window and saw the lonely planet floating beneath them. One indifferent shrug, a mumble of an agreement, and a nod was the best she could expect. Only the youngest, barely out of diapers, expressed a latent thought, “Is it a planet again?”

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