The Movie Incentive Plan

A bunch of Godzilla movies came up for free on Xfinity. I cashed in my 1,000 words a movie plan yesterday with Dragonslayer. Not a Godzilla movie but still a good movie and one that I considered motivation enough to sit at the computer and not get up until I had typed 1,000 words. And I actually wrote about 3,000 so I could in theory, cash in two more movies without breaking my reward system.

On DragonSlayer I will say that I now recognize some of the actors, not all. A few of the special effects still hold up, thanks in part to the fact that Vermithrax, the dragon, is largely puppet work as are the babies.

Many of the Godzilla movies available are all the most recent offerings. The last ten or fifteen years but not much from before 2000. Still, I’ll take what I can get. As long as I get some words down on paper.


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