If It’s Something I’ll Need Help With…

Too often I’ll shy away from anything wherein I will need the help of another to complete. This is not a new thing but the result of many failed attempts at getting other people aboard on any project that would be impossible to do on my own.

So I adopted a policy that goes along the lines of: If it’s something I can’t do one hundred percent on my own it’s not worth doing.

Where that logic is especially painful is when the idea of getting a membership at Salem Public Access is presented. The membership is relatively cheaper than what it cost just to update the membership for this blog.

In a year’s time I have no doubt I would have put that membership to good use. The training process involves working with other people closely. But people aren’t always so patient with someone who needs things explained to them a certain way. They think that if you can’t learn something fast enough to be an expert on it then you aren’t worth their time.

These aren’t baseless assumptions. I have experienced this way too often in my life. Why should I imagine it will be different this time around? Why do I have to stick my hand into fire just to prove that fire plus skin equals bad?

And yet I’m plagued with the idea that putting the time and effort into this may lead to something productive if not totally rewarding. I mean, only the people who can watch Salem Public Access will be able to see what I produce, unless I can post everything on Youtube. But I’m not allowed to profit from anything I produce with Salem Public Access’s help, so there’s the rock. The beginning of this paragraph is the hard place.

I wish this dilemma on no one.

One thought on “If It’s Something I’ll Need Help With…

  1. In my Buddhist views karma karma. My lama says that the most talented people may not achieve success if karma hasn’t ripened. Then of all whose accomplishments are never honored till after they’re gone. Then there’s Edison who had two story huh pileds of light bulb duds before success was reached. Also he coined the phrase ‘99% perspiration and 1% inspiration’. And finally someone very wise said ‘it’s not easy being green’. Keep at it baby. You’re worth it👏👏


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