Dusty Springfield’s Mouse Died

For those who don’t know (IE, most of you) Dusty Sprignfield is what I call my trusty old Compaq Presario, purchased second hand about six years ago. It’s the one purchase I have never regretted in my life and she’s as enduring and reliable as the singer for whom she was named.

The other day, I accidentally knocked over the mouse. Thanks to John, I now have a new mouse that works just as well, which I have named Neil Tenant after one half of the Pet Shop Boys. This name was given in respect to the Pet Shop Boys video and single that features Dusty Springfield: What Have I Done To Deserve This.

One thought on “Dusty Springfield’s Mouse Died

  1. Dusty Springfield was a good name. She sang I Only Want to be With You in the 60’s, one of my favorites. May your new mouse last a loooooong time!


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