Spreading the Love

Copied and pasted from The Hunted: Encore Facebook page.

Our pilot episode, “This Sucks” has been accepted into the FirstGlance Film Festivals (Hollywood, Philadelphia)‘s Online Short Contest, and we need your help to win the grand prize of $2000 and a screening at FirstGlance Philadelphia!

Here’s how it works:
– Go to http://bit.ly/FirstGlanceFilmContest
– Register for a free account
– Watch our episode “This Sucks” until the VOTE button appears (basically after the first song, “Look Alive”)
– Click Vote!
– Tell all your friends using our hashtag #HereComeTheVampires
– Vote again tomorrow! (You can vote once every 24 hours for the next month)

Thanks for supporting our show, we’re hard at work on pre-production for season 2!

Watch it cause you love it but more to the point, watch it cause you want to see more and vote on it. Because that $2000 guarantees brilliant music, acting, fighting, and more.  And all you have to do is register for a free account, watch the video, and vote once every 24 hours.

This may also make up for the time I nearly got Ned and a whole bunch other of slayers arrested in Salem…

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