You May Of Course Remain Skeptical

I just logged onto Wattpad… or I tried to. But the Wattpad site is down.

Wattpad is a free site that allows you to post stories for free, for little more than the gratification of receiving comments and getting that positive reinforcement.  So I started posting stories there that I wouldn’t post anywhere else because essentially, it’s a place holder for ideas I just need to get rid of. One man’s trash and all that.

Today I get the inspirational bug to work on my Sleeping Beauty retelling. And today, also, Wattpad decides to have a doody-in-the-bed moment. Also, my sister is going to be in a stage presentation of Shrek, another fairy tale.

You can say there are such things as coincidence. I admit to exploring the minds of atheists and skeptics of late such as Penn, Teller, and James Randi among others. But I have to say that it’s hard to ignore the bug bite of inspiration and how closely it coincides with the temporary disabling of a website that is ultimately just there to keep my writing muscle flexed when my blog alone won’t suffice.

I guess that’s all the sign I need to work on my stuff that I will have a chance of at least asking someone to buy from me.


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