A New Writing Group

Yesterday, I was fortunate to learn of the Salem Athaneum Writers Group, hosted by local writer and poet J.D. Scrimgeour. On such short notice and having no idea about the atmosphere I’d be entering, I didn’t bring anything to read.

However, two hours later, I was certain I could bring something the group would respond to.

It seems the majority heavily favors poetry. Although, as Scrimgeour informed the new attendants, there were a variety of genres and styles. A couple of people presented short chapters, or introductions to larger works. As long as the rule of ten minutes was observed, which included reading and feedback, it didn’t seem to be a terribly strict environment.

However, on the way home, one of the poets who didn’t actually read, but informed us of his open mic at the former Pig’s Eye, told me that he personally doesn’t like long form fiction or works being read at this open mic. It planted a seed of doubt in my mind as to whether I wanted to be part of this group and yet I recalled, a few moments later, that this was just one person in a group full of people who may or may not have shared his reservations.

I will be there next meeting, two weeks from now, with something to share with the group. It won’t be poetry or prose. But I hope it will at least be reasonably well received.

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