Doubt Creeps In

I have a piece of flash fiction to read before the group on Tuesday next but I’m hesitant. If this group gives preference to poetry and prose, and one of them was quite vocal about that preference then I’m not sure what to do.

There aren’t a lot of writing groups in easy reach. There might be something in Cambridge and another one all the way in Middleton. To someone who walks everywhere, both of these destinations is an awful lot of effort for very little reward.

And it doesn’t help that my story is one of my “cynical” stories. That is it’s a story that doesn’t involve rainbows and unicorns but people will call it out for being cynical because they forgot about “To Serve Man”.

With time, doubt creeps in. There’s not a lot of people I can use as a sounding board, so it’s hard to dismiss the doubt and decide to just go on in and give it a shot.

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