Character Assassination

Gilly McTavish entered the office. The lavish décor, expensive furniture, and the breathtaking view of the city were testaments to his agent’s success. The photos on the wall told the story of two decades in the film industry, which Gilly owed to the hard work and dedication of the man who sat behind the desk, Soren Haley.

Soren waved Gilly to a seat as he traded figures with someone over the phone. When he finally ended the call, he saw the somber expression on Gilly’s face.

“Gilly, babe, what’s wrong? It makes me sad to see you sad.”

Gilly responded with his own pet name.

“Well, Sorey, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I think I want to change agents.”

Soren’s face sank.

“We’ve been like meat and cheese, you and me. I helped you bust your Hollywood cherry and you’re going to shack up with someone else after all these years? Whatever for.”

With a weary sigh, Gilly pointed to a glass case in one corner. It contained the prop gun from the set of his first movie along with the squib. He winced and rubbed the part of his chest where it struck him all those years ago.

“My first movie, On the Line, about the assassination of President McKinley? That was a great movie and I’ve never forgotten it. So far I’ve played the Archduke Bishop Ferdinand, President Lincoln in three different films, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald. And then there was that guest spot where I was Queen Victoria from a parallel world where the first assassination attempt was successful. Do you notice a pattern, Sorey?”

Sorey waved his hand dismissively.

“I think you’re just being too picky. You have a great career and I’m getting offers left and right for you. Why can’t you just be grateful?”

“I am grateful. I just hoped that by now someone would see my potential to branch out into other genres. Hell, I’d take low budget porn over another movie where I’m getting my head blown off. You know they’re calling me the American Sean Bean?”

“Cause you’re charismatic, funny, talented! Come on, you are Gilly McTavish, you are the brand and I discovered you. So I’m not giving you up without a fight. Let’s just do one more film and if you’re still not satisfied, I’ll let you go. Deal?”

Before he could answer, Sorey pulled fresh new script from his desk drawer and plopped it on the table.

“Okay,” Gilly sighed. “What is it?”

“Get this, you’re the principal of a high school in the late 80’s.”

“Sounds good. What’s the movie called?”

“The Brenda Spencer story.”

Gilly sighed. This was going to be a long day.

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