I’m No Poet and I Know it

I haven’t written much about the Poetry Festival because poetry’s just not in my wheelhouse. I had a notebook full of poetry back in high school, as did every angsty teenager from the dawn of the written word. But I’ve long since put poetry behind me and I haven’t looked back.

Still, the Poetry Festival is another thing that takes place in Salem, every year, and draws tourists to the town for something other than a tarot reading and a funnel cake. So here’s the love to the film festival with a few photos of some of the poetry written in the bricks of Derby Square. I also took a shot at reading some of them as can be viewed here.

Selections of Poetry From the Bricks of Derby Square


SAM_1052.JPGSAM_1064.JPGSAM_1054.JPG SAM_1051.JPG

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