I Took The Heat

And I wasn’t even in the kitchen. I got my thousand words and some bonus words in before bedtime.

I read a little of the new Neil Gaiman book: Norse Mythology. I don’t think I’ve read a real collection of the stories and tales that make up Norse myth before. In high school they were always focused on The Bible and Greek myth and that was as diversified as English class got.

Neil puts his own spin on the stories but it’s nothing wild. You would read this book believing that this was how the original stories were meant to be told and it made me understand the difference between a retelling and a reinterpretation.

What I did with Ashrose Tee was not a retelling of Rapunzel but a reinterpretation. It followed the same story of Rapunzel but it was set in a modern world that is also governed by fairy tale logic.

There’s my brief nod to Gaiman. More to come, naturally. I also have the privilege of reading Liz Hedgecock’s newest novel, Murder at the Playgroup and I’m looking forward to writing the review for that.

One thought on “I Took The Heat

  1. Thanks for the tip.. I absorbed all the myths & legends I could get my hands on as a child: Greek, Norse, Egyptian. I never quite found an accessible version of the Celtic (Welsh, Scots, Irish) legends so if you know any let me know. Loved ‘Neverwhere’ by Neil Gaiman so will be checking this out. (PS loved Murder at the Playgroup)


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