Progress Report: Slow Morning For Writing

I managed three paragraphs today. I don’t know if it’s the lack of caffeine, or the fact that it’s warmer out but the library hasn’t turned on the air conditioning. I have to make the hard decision of knocking off early for the day and focusing on other things.

Writing at the Salem Public Library just isn’t an option. They have word processors with a longer time limit than the Internet computers but the difference between there and the Salem University Library is like comparing Penn Station to a rural bus stop in the dead of winter. One is significantly busier than the other and also full of crazy homeless people.

It’s not a failing. Some writing is better than nothing. It’s just the challenge of getting a character from point A to point B and not always having the clearest idea of how to do that. Or having too many ideas and not always knowing which one to focus on.

But make no mistake the book is getting written.

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