The Time Kitchen ~ In Time, An All Two Of You Post

In Time, directed by Andrew Niccol takes place in a future/alternate universe where people are engineered to stop aging at 25. From that moment on, their time begins to run out and they have to inherit, work for, or steal every additional moment of their life. Time is also the currency with which they pay rent, buy food, and do all of the things one does with currency. The main difference being that if you overspend you die.

Obviously, the wealthy of this world live forever. The lower class of the world are forced to get up super early, work long hours, and the ever changing economy puts many of them at risk of death.

There’s a priest in one town who requests donations of time and he gives this time to the poor of his community so they can live a little longer. But wait a second…

If time is currency and people need that time to eat, why doesn’t the priest open up a proper soup kitchen? Instead of requesting donations of time, why not gather used clothing and food, among other things, so that people aren’t constantly deciding whether they want to wake up the next day or eat dinner?

As with all posts in this category, this will only apply to a few people. The brief summary is to remind readers what thing I am talking about and to either encourage them to go out and be educated by the thing or to hit the back button and be comfortable in ignorance.

Thank you for reading, feel free to like and subscribe and tell me what you think in the comments section.

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