Reality Show Competitors

Here’s are some questions for all of you, faithful readers. It involves reality shows. (Please, don’t respond with, “I don’t watch reality shows.” If you don’t watch them, the question isn’t relevant to you.) More specifically it involves reality shows that feature a competition  (Also, I don’t need a lecture about how reality shows work or the competitions with a reality show format as I have already watched that episode of Adam Ruins Everything.).

I ask because John and I have been watching RuPaul’s drag race. And honestly, I couldn’t tell you who was who six episodes ago because I was only maybe attached to about five of the competitors who are not currently in the top five (Although I did find myself identifying with Nina Bonina Brown and was kind of sad to see her go).

Similarly, with The Great British Baking Show, I’m rarely concerned with who got eliminated in the beginning because while they may have been one of the best twelve bakers in the country, they weren’t the best OF twelve. Plain and simple, I beyond guessing who gets sent home, I just don’t remember them for long. I’m more likely to remember the last ten at most, or I’m most likely to remember the one or two that I was rooting for from the beginning (A word of warning to my British friends, if you spoil the ending if Baking Show, I will be entering my new meat pie recipe into next year’s competition, if you catch my drift).

If you watch such shows, do you generally care about who gets eliminated first? Have you ever been in, or watched a show because you knew someone in the line-up? How invested are you in the process of watching the show from beginning to end?

One thought on “Reality Show Competitors

  1. I always feel sorry for the first person off (memories of being the last person picked in games probably). On the other hand, I can’t usually remember who won at the end after a week or so. The only one I remember is one year’s Bake-Off winner but that’s probably because she looked liked someone I know. We like Bake-Off, The Apprentice (it’s wonderful watching all those egos being cut down to size). Husband & daughter love “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here” but I get bored and only tune in towards the end. I like “Sewing Bee”.

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