Just what the Doctor Ordered

A day with the family, seeing my nephews and nieces, my brother, his new wife (fiance?), and my sister and mother all in Salem was one of the biggest emotional boosts I could have hoped for.

I’m wary of putting pictures up of any of the children in my family but just getting to hear Baby Alex’s voice and watch him as he “planted” every “flower” he pulled up from the ground was a treat in and of itself. The girls, Ava and Aubrey are getting bigger and their wits are getting sharper every time I see them. It’s a strange feeling knowing that this is the next generation from the brother I grew up with and how they are essentially smaller versions of us at one point.

And before anyone asks, no. I’m not having kids of my own.

The main benefit of nephews and nieces is they are kids I can love but that I don’t have to keep.


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