Job Opening at A Book Store

Tomorrow, I will return to Marblehead to turn in a resume with cover letter to the Spirit of ’76 Book Store.

It was fortunate to see the sign posted in the window of the shop as I was making my way to the UU church where the writer’s workshop was being held. What maybe not so fortunate is that I will be missing out on seeing some good friends who are visiting Salem tomorrow.

Alas, that is the way of things. There is what we wish we could do and what we have to do. What I have to do is not let an opportunity slip by, even if it turns out that the effort was in vein.

I hope my resume is enough to entice the owner of the bookstore. Don’t wish me luck because luck has nothing to do with it. Congratulate me if I succeed and congratulate me anyway if I fail because at least I tried.


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