That Was Scary

I thought I lost my author’s blog.

I had to delete Confessions of a Cart Jockey for some fairly obvious reasons. Well, okay, mainly the reason is that I’m planning to drop off a cover letter and resume for a part time position at the Spirit of ’76.

Even with all of the obfuscation, it would have been a fun ride watching the reads rack up for a blog where I essentially called out all of the failings of my former employers. Granted, I’m probably not doing myself any favors by writing this one blog post but as long as I’m not super specific on the details, the worst I’ve done is admitted to having a three year long blog.

I want to thank all of my readers who showed their support (and the trolls who thought they were being clever until I found their IP address) and I want to invite you to keep reading this blog for my writing related posts. Also, keep an eye out for a completely new blog that will essentially be about non-writing related observations on life, the universe, and everything.

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