The Simpsons Guy

I don’t know why it took me so long to finally see it. I didn’t expect to be as happy with a true crossover of the century as I was when the 10th doctor first compared the size of his sonic with 11.

I grew up with The Simpsons. Family Guy grew on me. I love them both and I love the names associated with them and the crossover gave me an injection of endorphin that can rarely be equaled.

Thank you to Matt Groening, Seth MacFarlane and their respective teams for making me laugh and cry.

The Alien just Isn’t as Impressive

aliencovenantneoxenoI wonder if I’m alone here. The alien from the Alien: Covenant Trailer just isn’t all that impressive to me. The aliens in the original trilogy were all people in costume. The bodies were real and looked like something that could be touched. It’s what made it that much scarier, the idea of one of these things coming after you down a narrow corridor.

When I saw the trailer, the Alien was fast and it moved with the speed that modern graphics and film techniques can make possible. But it just didn’t have the same feel of the originals.

Two Cars, One Night ~ Short Film

A short sweet film taking place in the car park of a bar. What are the kids doing in the car alone? What are the parents doing in the bar? Doesn’t matter because the majority of this story takes place between one of the boys in one car and the lonely teenage girl in the next car.

If you’re looking for a film that blows the Bechdel Test out of the water, this may not be the one for you. On the other hand it is from one of the creative geniuses behind What We Do in the Shadows and it is a testament to his ability to get a good performance out of kids, which isn’t as easy to do as some aspiring filmmakers might think.

Growing up, I remember many encounters with other children that only lasted a few moments and had more meaning than some of my longer lasting relationships. This film reminded me of those encounters and made me long for those moments again.

You can probably watch the film on demand or on Youtube but I’m going to post a link to the film’s website on the off chance that you want to show some support to the artist and crew behind the camera.

Two Cars, One Night

Spreading the Love

Copied and pasted from The Hunted: Encore Facebook page.

Our pilot episode, “This Sucks” has been accepted into the FirstGlance Film Festivals (Hollywood, Philadelphia)‘s Online Short Contest, and we need your help to win the grand prize of $2000 and a screening at FirstGlance Philadelphia!

Here’s how it works:
– Go to
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– Click Vote!
– Tell all your friends using our hashtag #HereComeTheVampires
– Vote again tomorrow! (You can vote once every 24 hours for the next month)

Thanks for supporting our show, we’re hard at work on pre-production for season 2!

Watch it cause you love it but more to the point, watch it cause you want to see more and vote on it. Because that $2000 guarantees brilliant music, acting, fighting, and more.  And all you have to do is register for a free account, watch the video, and vote once every 24 hours.

This may also make up for the time I nearly got Ned and a whole bunch other of slayers arrested in Salem…

A Letter To My Ten-Year-Old Self

This year, I watched How To Build a Time Machine. But by the time the film was over the movie theater was so hot and what I had to say to the principals who were doing the Q and A was way too personal, so I didn’t approach them.

Directed by Jay Cheel, the documentary follows two distinct men who were both inspired by H.G. Wells at different times in their lives, for equally significant reasons. Robert Niosi, who dedicated an enormous amount of time and money to build an authentic replica of the eponymous Time Machine from the Rod Taylor film. And Ronald Mallet, who discovered The Time Machine shortly after the passing of his father, and devoted his entire life to making time travel a reality.

The story makes the best use of old footage, since Robert Niosi was also a stop motion animator for Pee Wee’s Playhouse and had done interviews for shows like Reading Rainbow. This allows a kind of “back and forth” through time sort of feeling as the images and stock footage are used in non-linear fashion to tell a linear tale. And of course since Ronald Mallet is the theoretical physicist on the show, we get a real treat when we see him using vapor to demonstrate the results of a small light experiment. Yes, I know the vapor has a scientific application, but it’s Mad Scientist sci-fi movie gold that fit so perfectly into this documentary.

Between the ages of eight and fourteen, if you happened to encounter me, I might hold you hostage with one or more of my many theories and fantasies regarding travel through time, space, and parallel universes. The Back to the Future trilogy and the animated series fueled my passion and it led to more than a few unflattering assessments of my mental stability from school counselors and caseworkers. They said it wasn’t normal for someone my age to be fascinated by time travel, dragons, and other such things.

The 21st century came and the Discovery Channel released a “What If” documentary that dealt with the possibility of dragons evolving along side dinosaurs and later, humankind, until their inevitable extinction at the hands of a Romanian knight errant. Thank you, Discovery Channel.

Now, I also have to thank Robert and Ronald for validating another childhood passion that I was heavily criticized for. I don’t think I ever had the dedication or the acumen to build a Time Machine from scratch, or to dedicate my life and education to proving the theory, but the fact that these two men essentially made a career from their passion validates me and gives me license to spit in the face of the people who doubted me. (I won’t be spitting in anyone’s face, don’t worry)

If either of you reads this, I have one request. This request is entirely romantic in nature and I was paying attention when Ronald Mallet mentioned something I hadn’t considered in regards to the ability to travel to the past. But I have to make this request nonetheless, because it is what I would have asked had I remained in the theater that evening.

There’s an apartment building at the end of Union Street, in North Adams, Massachusetts. You’ll know it when you see it because it’s the only building in that area that looks like a castle. At the age of ten, having watched Back to the Future Part Two at least a thousand times, and the animated series, and Quantum Leap, and having read many books set in the past, the future, and all over time and space, I lived there. And my ten year-old self is seriously considering writing a letter to the adult he will become, dropping it in a mail box, and waiting to see if I, the adult, will appear in front of him to tell him that time travel is real.

When you make that trip through time, could you swing by that house and talk to that boy? Tell him he’s on the right track. (Oh and tell him to lay off the Code Red: Mountain Dew. It won’t be invented until he’s 18 but plant that seed for me, if you will.)

In Like Lion

Let me take a moment to explain the title. Yesterday was the event that really kicks off the Salem Film Festival; the sketches. But the first week of the festival begins on March 2nd. We all know the classic phrase: “March goes in like a lion, out like a lamb.” And coincidentally one of the movies being shown at The Cinema Salem is The Lion, featuring Dev Patel.

The sketches were not shown in the same theater. But, there you go. That’s why I went with this title.

Just like before, the sketches are little windows into the parts of Salem that most of us take for granted and the outside world doesn’t even know about. Sketches about the Black Picnic, about the Community Impact Unit that takes care of homeless addicts and discusses importance of Narcan, even Steve’s Market finally got a sketch and I’ve been going there for about six years. It’s amazing how little I know and how much I learned from these three to five minute sketches.

What I hope most visitors to Salem take away from these sketches is that Salem isn’t just a tourist city. We’re not just a place that’s known for a tragic event in history. If all of the “witch shops” and the “psychics” and the kitschy and over-the-top stores that capitalize on the success of others were to disappear tomorrow, Salem would still have stories to tell.

The Salem Film Fest Kicks Off Again

Yesterday was kick-off for the 2017 Salem Film Festival. A pizza party at Far From the Tree, which is located right near the Salem Police Station. That’s especially appropriate in the event someone enjoys the cider a little too much.

If you go to Far From the Tree and you’re not a fan of crowds, I’d recommend checking them out on a school night. There’s a soft atmosphere, low pressure, and during the school week it’s just as busy but not quite so crowded.

I think their main secret of success, aside from their sweet and tasty offerings (just cider, no food), is being so far from the heart of Salem. Getting away from the tourists and the “undesirables” qualifies it as one of Salem’s best kept secrets.

I hope to have pictures of the new shirt on this coming Monday. Keep an eye out for more and if you’re in the area, be sure to say hi.